5 December 2017

NEWS: It's showtime with these Beetlejuice lamps

Attention Kmart shoppers!

For us, one of the most stand-out classic movies of the '80s is Beetlejuice; the film in which, in our humble opinion, Tim Burton peaked (and it's a been shitty slide down hill ever since). Although Beetluice-related merch has always been thin on the ground, we're happy to see one Spanish lamp maker has been influenced by Micheal Keaton's titular character. Beetlejuice lamps!

Created by Alex Fraile of Omulamp, the twisting, turning structures are based on Beetlejuice's twirly merry-go-round arms from the end of the film. Made simply of paper and foam, they bend and curve and give the impression of weird organic Burton-esque shapes.

Made to order, the lamps aren't cheap, but for someone looking to fill a corner with a something completely batshit mental, this could be for you. Just don't say his name three times. Or leave the house. The sandworms will get ya.

Visit the Etsy shop right here.

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