8 December 2017

NEWS: Honda's new robots are all about helping

And hopefully not murder you

We often write about fearing the fast growth of robotics, especially when Boston Dynamics make their next advancement. So it is comforting to see that Honda are taking a different, less-Terminator route with their own robots. Intended to be shown off at CES in January, check out these four helpful bots.

From left to right we have: 3E-A18, which has been designed for human companionship and displays an array of emotional expressions (and looks a bit like Serge from Caprica), 3E-B18, a type of sit-on mobility transporter for around the house, 3E-C18, a kind of multi-use cargo carrier with a cute face - because Japan, and finally 3E-D18 which is an off-road personal transporter. No arms, no legs, no acrobatics, and no way they'll ever get pissed off and pick up a gun to raise up against their human masters. Phew.

The four robots seem to have a very clear goal - help their owners. This is no novelty issue, as Japan, like many countries, has a serious concern of an ageing population. Companies such as Honda are quickly adapting to produce robots and transporters that would be able to help older people, and pick up some of the slack across society.

There will be further details about the four bots come January, which, for now, are still very much merely concepts. Find out more in this 'ere press release.

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