12 December 2017

NEWS: Drones will tell Japanese workers to go home

Buzz off

Overworking is a common issue in Japan, where one in five people typically work up to 50 hours a week. In fact, death caused by the stresses of working too long and hard even has its own word in Japanese: Karoshi. To help encourage workers to leave at a sensible hour, office security company Taisei will, next year, trial the use of drones which hover of the heads of stressed workers, blaring Auld Lang Syne.

Typically played in Japanese shopping centres to announce closure, it is hoped that the overworked person will be unable to continue working and actually leave to go home. Taisei will begin offering the drone service to companies from April of 2018, but we're not exactly sure how effective it will be. Surely a buzzing drone blasting New Year's Eve music over your head will stress you out more, and encourage people to leave the office and continue working at home.

If deaths caused by work stress are a big problem in Japan, surely you DON'T want to start zooming drones with whirling blades over people's heads when they're trying to reach a deadline? Anyway, maybe these workers wouldn't be so stressed if their bosses would hire more staff - you know, such as office managers to remind people not to work too much.

Jus' a thought, yo.

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