16 December 2017

NEWS: Build actual walls with these giant blocks

DIY was never this much fun.

So you need to build an internal partition wall? Yes, you could hire a builder to use bricks, wood, and heavy (and noisy) tools to erect it. Or... you could do it yourself in minutes with modular, interlocking plastic bricks. Like giant, sturdy LEGO bricks, EverBlock lets you build whatever you want and need.

EverBlocks are moulded hard plastic bricks which interlock just like LEGO. However, because they are so strong, they can be used to create actual real-world structures, such as walls and furniture.

The good thing here is that, if you change your mind, you can simply dismantle it and rebuild. The blocks come in an array of colours and sizes, and start from as little as $6 per large block. Still, that is more expensive than actual bricks, but they are a hell of a lot more versatile and easier to work with.

Find out more at www.everblocksystems.com

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