21 December 2017

FEATURE: December's Kickstarter Projects to watch

Christmas money on stand-by

If you're looking to bag the latest tech, Kickstarter is the place to go. As is usual, we've kept our gadget-loving peepers peeled all month, spying out new and interesting projects that appear on the crowd-funding website. Here are five we like the look of.


The Intelli+ is a smart screen projector designed for several models of the iPhone. It has been conceived to tackle the iPhone's biggest flaw: the lack of a back button that is easy to reach with one hand. Amen to that. Using embedded circuitry in the screen, it gives you two Android-like buttons right next to the home button. Sounds impressive, but we'd love to actually try it to test the efficiency.

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Sound Reactive LED Mask

Designed for creatives, the appropriately named Sound Reactive LED Mask is just that; a mask with LED lights embedded in it, that will flash and flicker along to music. There are several proposed mask types, including a Fox (What does the fox say?), and a wolf amongst others. It seems very impressive, and we'd be interested to see how theatre-types could take advantage of it.

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Yeehaw Wand

This wireless tool works like an augmented reality paintbrush, whereby you use the Yeehaw Wand to create an image via the app on your phone or tablet. There is also a spinning plate, which, with use of your device's camera, can be used to physically turn your 3D sculpture. It seems like a lot of fun, but we're wondering why the Wand is spoon-shaped and not, y'know, wand-shaped.

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PITTA - Transformative 4K Drone

This one really snagged our interest. The PITTA is not a bit of bread into which you drop kebab meat, but rather a spherical 4K camera that can be converted into an action cam, a home security cam, and - most importantly - a drone. You seem to snap on props to the camera and then fly it with your phone, using smart features like Follow Me and Visual Tracking to get 4K footage at 30fps. We're very interested in this, and being able to use the same device to capture your POV bike ride, and the aerial shot of you riding down the mountain, is great.

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Fidget Spinner Power Bank

Okay, we can honestly say that you shouldn't back this project. With just 17 days to run it has only raised £244 of the goal £150,000 (ambitious, much?). Although it seems like it will never get the funding it requires, this caught out eye for being a bit crap, and also kind of brilliant. This is, as you might have guessed, a fidget spinner which is also a portable battery, good for charging your phone on the go. The battery is fairly small at just 1000mAh, but you do have the option of spinning it to charge it up. However, the project page says you need to spin it for 16-17 hours at a rate 1000 rpm. Or just plug it into a USB port for half an hour. Erm, that one. Still, it's a novelty.

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