18 November 2017

NEWS: There's no chain on the Stringbike

Stringing you along.

Think of a bike and you might automatically picture something similar to the above; two wheels, handlebars, a seat, and a big greasy chain. However, it doesn't ave to be like that, and the Stringbike is a great example. Instead of a hard metal chain and spiked cogs grinding against each other, the Stringbike uses... y'know, string to make the rear wheel spin.

Apart from being grease-free, and using a lot less metal than a conventional chain-driven bike, the Stringbike is a lot lighter as a result. It also means that the motion of pedalling is a lot smoother and easier to get moving. The mechanism is pretty hypnotic.

Both sides of the Stringbike use a mechanism like that, so there is a constant pull on the wheel as you pedal. There is also no crunching sound of metal on metal, making it almost silent, and the strings adsorb any vibration, so the ride is incredibly smooth.

If you like the sound of that (we do), check out www.stringbike.com

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