2 November 2017

NEWS: The Stranger Things nosebleed candle will turn your world Upside Down

Melting friends don't lie.

If you've recently binge-watched the second season of Stranger Things on Netflix, or you're about to do so, we have the perfect Christmas gift for you and yours. Currently available for pre-order on Firebox is the Eleven nosebleed candle holder, featuring blood-red candle and 'bleeding' nose. Shit, we love when merch makers go all-out.

As well as being made in the likeness of Eleven, and with an actual nose hole for the red wax to drip, nosebleed-style, you also get a nose-picker, to help you clear blockages. You could also use this for your own nose, perhaps? Just a suggestion.

How delightfully festive. To be honest, this kind of mental crap fits in with the tone of the show perfectly, far better than a Hawkins '84 t-shirt, or a Funko Pop figure of the demogorgon. Get yours for only £29.99 from www.firebox.com

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