6 November 2017

NEWS: Screw the thieves! Beach Vault is a screw-in beach safe

Digging deep.

We like stuff like this: part genius, part stupid. Introducing the Beach Vault, a screw-in safe you can bury in sand to keep all your stuff safe while you have a swim. Kinda. Check out the promo video:

Okay, so this is a plastic tube you bury in which to hide your belongings from beach-roaming crims. In principal, that makes sense. What doesn't make sense is the included beach towel with the big bloody hole in it. Sure it lets you access your Beach Vault without having to touch the sand, but surely it just highlights that there is a weird plastic tube thing there, dear thief.

It doesn't lock, and we're guessing it is easy to pull out of the sand. Therefore why not just put you phone in a plastic bag and bury it in the sand? That is less conspicuous that a bright red tube that probably has the word 'Vault' printed on it. Because criminals might be interested in what people stash in a vault. 

Still, if you like the idea of potentially making a criminal's life easier, you can check out Beach Vault here: www.thebeachvault.com

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