20 November 2017

NEWS: New footage of ATLAS robot confirms we're all screwed

Shit, now it can back flip!

We've featured ATLAS before, the human-like robot created by Boston Dynamics (who are owned by Google, BTW). However, in the past we've merely joked about it, and others like it, one day rising up to destroy us, as they hardly seemed steady on their metal feet. Until today. Check out this footage from Boston Dynamics of ATLAS hopping around and then DOING A FRICKIN' BACK FLIP. We can't do back flips, for fuck's sake!

We mean, look at the thing! If you were ever statisfied that robots would never kill us all at some point, because, like the Dalaks, they have trouble with uneven terrain, prepare to have your mind changed with fear. This thing could kill you and look cool while doing it.

However, keep watching to the very end of the video as Boston Dynamics included a couple of bloopers. One shows ATLAS flipping and stumbling, like a soon-to-be-beaten Russian gymnast, and then the other shows the robot falling on its arse like a drunk Uncle at a wedding. These clips give us hope.

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