23 November 2017

NEWS: Life-size Iron Man statue is a working PC

Nothing Stark about this build.

When building your own custom PC, you might normally buy a box-like case and stuff it with high-powered components. That's fine, and we're sure you'll be very happy with your computer once it is done, but it's never going to win any awards, is it? Unlike, say, this life-sized statute of Iron Man that is actually a PC case with a working computer inside.

PC modder Jengki Wmp scooped the Most Beautiful award at the 2017 Deutsche Casemod Meisterschaft for his huge case in the shape of Iron Man. It is a hell of a thing to behold, being a replica of the MK 45 armoured suite. Check this video out:

We wonder if Jengki actually uses this at home as his main computer, awkwardly reaching behind Iron Man's arse to switch him on so he can check his emails. Also, watching porn on that computer will be weird as there is always someone watching you. Judging you.

We're the only ones thinking about that, aren't we?

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