9 November 2017

NEWS: Build your own ice rink this winter

Ice not included.

Why not make the most of the coming freezing weather by building your very own ice skating rink in your back garden? But before you start looking up stockists of ice and hockey sticks, get in touch with EZ ICE as they can provide everything you need to make your own. You just need it to be cold enough to freeze water. Because that is how you make ice, innit?

Although not cheap, with prices starting at $1700, the EZ ICE rinks are quite ingenious. Using interlocking panels and a ground sheet, you simply pour in some water onto a flat surface and let it freeze. Perfect for small kids' skating party, or - for the Professional version which is 200 feet long - a full-sized hockey match.

Find out more at www.ezicerinks.com

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