4 November 2017

NEWS: Aliens' Ripley tree ornament will guard your Christmas

Get away from those presents, you bitch!

Tired of those boring old tree decorations? Looking for something to appeal to your love of sci-fi and geekery? Well, one of Hallmark's latest Keepsake Christmas tree ornaments should definitely be at the top of your list as it depicts Aliens' Ellen Ripley in her Power-loader mech suit, about to take on the Alien Queen. Which is a shit-tonne better than anything Jesus ever did.

The ornament is five inches tall, putting it firmly in the 'will definitely have to play with this thing' category. As well those action figure credentials, the level of detail is incredible, both in the likeness of of the character and in the loader suit.

Its so good that, once Christmas is over and our tree has turned brown, we'd stomp it around, shouting that everyone should get away, and calling them a bitch. Just what Christmas is all about, after all. And hey, its only $19.95 from www.hallmark.com

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