30 November 2017

NEW Jim Bean made a smart device for alcoholics

'JIM' - your new drinking buddy

The likes of Amazon Alexa and Google Home might be useful, but they can't help you wallow in your sorrows while enabling your addictions, can they? Well, thanks to whiskey maker Jim Bean, now you can own a smart device that does nothing but pour alcohol. Seriously, nothing else.

'JIM' is a smart decanter that can be voice operated, quite like the aforementioned smart speakers. However, instead of telling you the weather or controlling other gadgets, JIM can do only one thing; pour whiskey.

Voiced by Fred Noe, seventh-generation master distiller, JIM will respond to other non-booze related questions, but only really to say that he doesn't know and then suggest having a drink. Its like an enabling friend who really doesn't care about you and only wants you to make a fool of yourself.

As much as it might seem like a joke, it isn't, and right now it is available on the Jim Bean website for $35.

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