16 October 2017

NEWS: These scary projections will win you Halloween

Your neighbours will envy you. And be terrified.

With Halloween hitting in just a couple of weeks, have you planned your decorations yet? If you're a bit bored of the tired old pumpkins and plastic gravestones dotted about your lawn, how about stepping it up a bit? Atmos FX create truly horrific digital clips for you to project onto your windows to make trick-or-treaters think twice about egging your house.

Available as either a DVD or high-def digital download, the files can be back-projected onto curtains or semi-transparent cloth to scare the crap out of your neighbours. There are many different files to choose from, from a zombie horde to a creepy AF family of ghosts who keep murdering each other.

We think they are pretty gruesome, especially how real the zombies look, and would love to dress up Test Pit Towers as a ghost-ridden, zombie-crawling hell hole. So just like it is now, but with more ghosts and zombies.

Check out atmosfx.com

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