10 October 2017

NEWS: Roku update their Streaming Stick

Stick with this.

Probably one of our favourite ever things that we have been sent to review was the Roku Stick; the tiny WiFi streaming stick you plug into your TV to make it smart. We love it not just because it is a great product at a decent price, but also because we've been using ours for several hours each day for the past two and a half years. So we're happy to see that Roku have updated the Stick and packed it with new features.

The highlights of the Roku Streaming Stick+ are that it can now present media in 4K and comes with improved WiFi reception. The USB power cable actually features a WiFi booster unit, which makes it look rather odd, but the stick itself is sleeker and thinner than the previous model.

The remote control has also been updated to now boast voice search, a useful power button on top, and also volume controls. Because having to use the TV's normal remote as well as the Roku Stick's was always a bit of a pain.

Set to cost $69.99 in the US, there's no news about UK availability yet. Visit www.roku.com

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