22 October 2017

NEWS: Plan your next adventure with IQPlanner

... or make money from your previous trip.

One of the most exciting things we started this year was making travel vlogs. So far we've taken trips to both Brussels and Stavanger and look forward to doing more in the future. To that end we're interested to hear about IQPlanner; a website to inspire adventurers for their next trip, and for travellers to catalogue their past excursions and make some cash.

Basically, if you're stuck for what to do and where to go, IQPlanner could make suggestions. And they aren't corporate 'shop here shop here! suggestions, as they come from people just like you who have actually been to those places and experienced the journey. Get insider tips on must-see attractions, transport, and accommodation.

Also, if you've recently had an adventure, and have a story to tell, you can upload all the details of your travels for others to read about. If they end up booking part of their trip because of your posts, you could earn some dosh. Something to go towards your next trip, perhaps?

Find out more at www.iqplanner.com

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