29 October 2017

NEWS: Garmin Speak - Alexa in your car

Travelling partner.

Sat-Navs are pretty useful, but they only really do one thing - show you how to get somewhere. Because its 2017, when people expect a bit more out of their gadgets, Garmin have stepped up and made the humble car-based navigator better, with Speak. This tiny (1.5 inches across) device not only displays turn signals, but it also runs on Amazon Alexa giving you access to all you connected technology in the car and at home.

As well as asking for directions with you voice, you can ask Alexa to play a particular song through your car's stereo, ask for an audio book, order some food, turn your heating on prior to getting home, disarm you security system, and do everyday tasks like book reminders and make lists.

So its a car assistant, but one running on a system you might already be using and have fully integrated your life into already. Plus the simplified display removes the image-in-screen of most sat-navs, keeping it as small as less distracting as possible. We're excited to check it out soon.

Visit garmin.com

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