3 October 2017

NEWS: Command you own super-cute Stormtrooper

The First Order of adorable.

A few months ago we reviewed a build-your-own robotics kit from Ubtech. It was a fun experience, but the finished product was hardly... impressive. Skip forward in time and Ubtech are now set to conquer the galaxy with their latest creation: The Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper robot. And look how damn cute it looks.

Despite the app-controlled robot packing voice commands, facial recognition, and the ability to stand as sentry, we can't get over how 'infant in armour' it looks. Come on, how are we supposed to take the First Order seriously when we watch The Last Jedi in the cinemas this Christmas?

Despite the cute-tastic nature of the robot, this does look pretty impressive. However, it will set Star Wars fans (or rather their parents) back a not inconsiderable £295.95, and can be pre-ordered at ubtrobot.starwarsrobots.com

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