17 October 2017

NEWS: Camp out on the lake in the Shoal Floating Tent

No sharp items, please.

Camping out next to a lake is always great idea, especially for the views, fishing, and fun. However, all that water is quite a lot of wasted space, so why not sleep on it? That is what the Shoal Floating Tent allows you to do, bobbing around on the water all night long

The Shoal Floating Tent is essentially an eight foot by eight foot dingy with an inflatable roof that allows a fully grown adult to stand up in it. It comes with a foot pump and is just like sleeping on an air bed; only one that is floating about on water. We assume you can tether it, either to a jetty or to the lake bottom, as letting yourself drift around over night might be a bad idea. Or the really awesome start to an incredible adventure.

If the water is calm, we could imagine this being a great way to camp, and certainly a pleasurable and enjoyable kip. It might be a good idea to check the waters for crocodiles and alligators, though. Just a thought.

Mind you, this ain't cheap; the Shoal Floating Tent will set you back $1499 from here.

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