15 October 2017

NEWS: Autonomous truck should worry truckers

Ice Road... Robots?

Truckers; if they're not making you feel nervous on the motorway, they're propping up the counter of those dodgy road-side cafes. The next time you see a truck being driven by a gruff, tough human, appreciate it... it might one of the last times. That is because the GM SURUS Autonomous Truck has started to be tested, and it could put all truckers out of a job.

The modular self-driving platform is quite like any other autonomous car, albeit without a place for a human to sit. Cargo can be loaded on top, and then the SURUS is sent on its way, delivering goods, or even acting in special situations such as war zones.

Uniquely powered by hydrogen fuel cells, the GM SURUS can also be fitted out with an ambulance pod, and also a driving pod for people, should our species be deemed worthy to occasionally take control. It might seem far-fetched right now, but soon the highways and motorways of the world could be choked with these things.

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