19 October 2017

FEATURE: Five Kickstarter projects to watch

Money well pledged.

Last month's five crowdfunding projects that we checked out were a true mixed bag, and this month's are just the same. If you want the very latest tech and gadgets, prepare to hit that pledge button.


This is a tiny wearable device that measures the amount of natural daylight you are exposed to. As many of us spend the majority of our time indoors, even during the day, it can negatively impact our circadian rhythms, causing lack of energy and difficulty sleeping. The LYS and companion app records your exposure then makes suggestions about getting more sunlight and less indoor 'false' light from screens. Sounds interesting.

Check out the project right here.

The Wiral LITE

We love a good photographic gadget, and The Wiral LITE ticks all our boxes. This is a compact cable cam system, where a camera (action, phone, or DSLR) runs along a suspended cable, going where drones can't. Check out the project page for some truly awesome footage, because this is the kind of thing that gets us really excited. It's like our porn.

Check out the project right here.

Vortx - 4D Environmental Simulator

The Vortx is a device that adds a new layer to games, films, and VR. Say you're playing a war game, and the building next to you explodes: the Vortx will blaster hot air at you, making the scenario more realistic. It can also enhance virtual reality, as although modern VR headsets can trick your eyes and ears, you're not actually cold while standing in the arctic, are you? Vortx could solve that. Sounds kinds gimmicky, but we'd love to try it.

Check out the project right here.

Pimax 8K VR Headset

This one sounds awesome. Whereas as conventional VR headsets offer a fairly limited field of view (especially if you're using your phone), the Pimax gives you 200 degrees in glorious 8K, the widest and highest res of any headset. This means that you can actually move your eyes around in the googles, exploring your peripheral vision. It isn't just us who think it sounds incredible: the project has smashed its goal nearly ten times over.

Check out the project right here.

Eve Smart Mirror

Mirrors; what do they actually do for us, eh? Well, sure you can check out your mug in them, but apart from that a mirror is essentially a frame without an image, right? Well, the Eve Smart Mirror is more than that, being a full touchscreen device with access to hundreds of apps that can be downloaded onto it. Use it to search the web, order an Uber, send a tweet, and also check to see if there is spinach in your teeth. This is the future, bitches.

Check out the project right here.

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