30 September 2017

NEWS: Sphero launch the Mini Robotic Ball

Keep on rolling.

We've always kept a keen eye on Sphero after reviewing their ground-breaking robotic ball a few years ago (as well as their follow-up RC toy, Ollie). So we're pretty interested to hear about the Sphero Mini; a scaled down rolling gadget with a few new quirks.

About half the size of the original Sphero, the Sphero Mini can be driven around using the connected app, either with virtual joysticks, or by tilting your phone or tablet one way of the other. You can programme it using Java, making it a great STEM toy, and  - crucially - there is new feature called Face Drive, where you can use your facial expressions to steer it. Really wanna try that one.

Look like a tonne of fun, and we're excited to give the Sphero Mini a go very soon. Priced at £49.99, you can find out more at www.sphero.com

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