2 September 2017

NEWS: Insta360 One is a clever 360 camera


We're no strangers to 360 cameras, having reviewed this one from Kodak and this one from KitVision. However, there's something about the new Insta360 One that really caught our eyes, and not just because it can record in 4K while being a tight and small package. Check out the promo video:

The fact that you can set it up and activate object tracking, means you can 'follow' yourself around without having to move the camera or set up a special rig to physically move it. Also, the bullet time feature looks awesome, and this is the first 360 camera that actually looks like it has use beyond making fun tiny planet photos and videos.

Either used bolted to your smartphone for live streaming in VR, or as a standalone camera, the Insta360 One is exactly where 360 camera technology should be going and we're really excited about it. Want it now!

Available for $299, you can find out more at www.insta360.com

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