25 September 2017

NEWS: Germaphobe? Get a Gryp keychain

Finger guard

Think about it too closely, and you might be completely grossed out by the notion of touching things that hundreds, maybe thousands of other people have touched. It isn't just germaphobes who should be conscious of dirty and bacteria-filled surfaces, so to give yourself a bit of protection get a Gryp Keychain: a germ-resistant finger guard that hangs on your keys

Although this makes total sense, being a barrier between your skin and dirty surfaces, does it not mean mean that the Gryp itself will become covered in germs over time, gestating them in your pocket and bag? Just how germ-resistant is the material? Still, even if you use it only in the most drastic of situations (like God-awful toilets in a train station or something) it might be worth it.

Find out more at grypkeychain.com

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