28 September 2017

NEWS: Creoqode Nova is an AI robot you code yourself

The Phantom of the Coding is here...

Not so long along we reviewed the Creqode 2048; a hand-held games console that you both build and code yourself. We really enjoyed the whole process, so are excited to learn that Creoqode are back with something new. The Nova, launching on Kickstarter on 9th October, is an artificially intelligent robotic platform that uses sensors to move and track things, and allows you to programme it yourself.

Yep, it does look sorta creepy, what with that half-face Phantom of the Opera mask, but we're excited to see what it can do. Like the 2048 gamer, the Nova uses the Creoqode Mini Mega development board at its core, meaning you can use free Arduino software to code it.

The camera in the eye can be programmed to recognise and track faces, while the hardware will move the face through five axes, and it can be connected to other external sensors and gear. It sounds pretty cool, and we'd be interested to give it go once it gets fully backed on Kickstarter. 

To make sure that happens, and to get your own, visit www.creoqode.com/nova

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