29 September 2017

NEWS: Amazon update the Echo range

Echo... echo... echo...

Recently announced by Amazon is both an update to their existing Echo smart home speaker, as well as two new other versions. Most notable was the introduction of the Echo Spot, pictured above, which serves as a scaled down smart speaker with a small circular screen, like a compact version of their existing Echo Show.

The original Echo has been changed to make it more compact and now comes wrapped in your choice of outer shell, including soft fabric and also wood. The speaker has been improved, as have the mics to pick up your voice.

Also announced was the Echo Plus, a beefier and taller Echo that also acts like a connected smart hub. Smart home gadgets can link directly to it to receive commands from your voice, including Philips Hue lighting, Samsung Smart Things, and many more. 

Find out more about all three at www.amazon.com

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