20 September 2017

FEATURE: Tough Autumn Footwear

Put your foot in it.

As the autumn continues on, you might find yourself in need of some rugged footwear. Be they for trekking mountainous paths, or walking quickly to your 3pm appointment in the coffee shop, a decent pair of shoes  can make all the difference as the weather turns sour. We've gathered together five pairs of men's footwear to see you right through until the spring.

Keen Aphlex Waterproof Boots

There's absolutely no messing around with the first pair on this list, as the Aphlex from Keen are hard-wearing and fully waterproof. Predominantly designed for hiking, with a firm supportive upper section, these could still comfortably be worn around the town without you looking like 'that hiking guy'. You know that guy.

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Meindl Bhutan MFS Boots

If you though the above kicks from Keen were tough, you obviously ain't never worn these bad boys. Lacking the street-style of the Aphlex, the Meindl Bhutan MFS are all business, designed to be worn while clomping through puddles at the top of Snowdonia. Firm, thick and very insulated, these will see you right wherever your adventure takes you.

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Anatom V1 Trail tri.aria

If the two above were just too outdoorsy for you, try this pair from Anatom. More rugged city than rugged hilltop, the V1 Trail are versatile shoes that would suit any situation quite well. Even if you're wearing them for the walk to work on a rainy day, you know your feet will remain dry and snug.

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Vango Pumori Boots

Another pair of tough trekking boots with urban style, the Pumori from Vango (yep, the tent makers) would serve you well on a particularly inclement day, when early frosts and icy pavements might strike in late autumn. Comfortable and supportive, they are perfect everyday boots for this time of year.

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Merrel Moab Ventilator

By far the lightest and thinnest of the shoes on this list, the Moab Ventilators are perfect for those days in autumn when the weather is okay and you want something comfortable and not at all bulky on your feet. If we're being honest, these are also the most comfortable of all the footwear featured here, and have a casual rugged style that fits in just about anywhere.

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