16 September 2017

FEATURE: Five Kickstarter projects to watch

Kicking off.

Kickstarter is great place to watch entrepreneurship get actual direct results, especially in the technology sector. If you're looking for a new gadget to help solve a problem, or just a novelty with which to impress you friends, Kickstarter could be the place to go to get in early on what one day could be a hugely popular product. To that end, here are five currently running Kickstarter projects that have caught our attention.


This is a smart motorcycle helmet that allows the wearer to see all the way around them. By using a rear-facing camera connected to a heads-up display inside the visor, the rider can see 360 degrees on the road. The helmet will also block the likes of engine noise, while enhancing environmental sounds, and also connect to Siri and Google for voice controls. Looks awesome too.

Find out more, and back the project, here.

Luna Display

This tiny dongle plugs into your MacBook and allows you to use an iPad as an external display. If you need more screen real estate when working on your Mac on the go, and you already have your iPad with you, it would solve a lot of issues as you'll no longer need an extra monitor. Plus, the iPad's screen is already pretty fantastic anyway, so you might as well use it for something other than Twitter.

Find out more, and back the project, here.

Aircon Watch

Bit of a weird one this, but extremely intriguing. This wearable can both cool you down on a hot day, and warm you up on a cold day. It does this by cooling or heating only very slightly on a point on your wrist. Apparently this is enough to send a message to your brain that you are cooler or hotter, helping to boost your body in the desired direction. Will it work? We'd love to see, but the project is already backed ten times over, so it seems to have captured the imagination of lots of people.

Find out more, and back the project, here.


This is a compact, table-top, and easy to use 3D Printer. As well as looking very non-intimidating, Sculpto+ uses only an app and WiFi to work, and a very fine printing filament which is biodegradable. Operated entirely from the app, it seems like it is easy enough to get printing, but also allows you to upload your own creations. We're pretty impressed with it, and anything that makes 3D Printing more accessible is a winner in our books.

Find out more, and back the project, here.

FOMO Camera

Wearable cameras are becoming increasingly popular these days, but they always look pretty conspicuous. The FOMO Camera is a 1080p Full HD video camera that looks like a badge - and even allows the user to change the face to whatever design they like. We're intrigued to see what the final quality of the footage will be, but the ease of use and the slim profile of this thing are both very impressive.

Find out more, and back the project, here.

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