23 September 2017

FEATURE: 5 iPhone alternatives

Taking a bite out of Apple.

Recently Apple announced three new phones, the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the highly coveted iPhone X. But, although the X seemed genuinely interesting, with a price tag of almost $1000 (and, thanks to an awful exchange rate, £1000 here in the UK, too), who the hell would buy it? Also, the two 8 models just didn't seem very groundbreaking, with no major updates to both specs and looks over previous models. So, if you're considering moving from Apple to Android, but confused by the huge wealth of phones out there, here are our top five iPhone alternative Android smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Of course we have to have a Samsung phone on this list. For us, Samsung are the very best at the Android phone game, and offer a decently wide choice of models to choose from. We've gone with the standard S8 for this list, not the S8 Plus, or the new (and huge) Note 8. Both of those phones might be too large for people who are used to Apple's typically smaller form actor, but the S8 offers a large screen in a tight and slim body.

Google Pixel (and 2)

Google also needs a mention on this list, not just for being the parent company of Android, but also for making the Pixel smartphone. Although the Pixel 2 is due to be announced any week now, the original Pixel is a masterpiece of design and form. Far simpler and less complicated than other phone-maker's use of Android, the Pixel offers one of the best phone cameras currently available, as well as a cleaner UI that those of us who are used to iOS might appreciate.

OnePlus 5

If your reason for moving away from Apple's iPhones is the increasing costs, the OnePlus 5 could be for you. Like the Pixel, OnePlus's version of Android is beautifully clean and toned-down, and the cameras are hugely impressive, with a 20mp main shooter, and a 16mp selfie cam. But, one of the biggest selling points of the 5 has to be the price, which is typically £100-150 less than other high-end Android devices.

Moto Z2 Play

And hey, if you're changing phone operating system, why not change everything about your phone? The Moto Z2 Play is a pretty typical Android phone on the inside, boasting specs to rival Samsung. BUT, the key selling point here are the Moto Mods; modular gadgets that magnetically attach to the phone to change the device's main purpose. When we reviewed the original Z Play we also tested a camera mod, a speaker mod, and even a personal projector mod. Other mods are incoming, including a 360 degree camera, so this could offer something incredibly different (and fun!).

LG V30

Only announced a couple of weeks ago at IFA in Berlin, the V30 represents LG's latest flagship phone, and it seems hugely impressive. LG has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, and their selling point has always been quality and reliability over flashy cases and headline-grabbing quirks. The V300 looks great, and the wide angle lens would make a nice step up from the iPhone's camera.

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