24 August 2017

NEWS: Volkswagen's Electric Microbus concept

No wipeouts with this.

Volkswagen have revealed their plans to update the much-loved 1960s Microbus (or Campervan as it was known here in the UK) with an all-electric, self-driving version, set to be released by 2022. The I.D. Buzz, as it is currently called, will feature a modern twist on the classic stylings of the original, more space for passengers and gear, and also all the latest driving technology.

Although details such as price, power, and range of the battery have yet to be confirmed, it seems Volkswagen might be pushing this for the off-roading crowd, as well as the 'lets go surfing in all of our marketing material' crowd, as an all-wheel drive version will be available on release.

Hopefully by 2022 electric cars will either have far larger capacity batteries, or there will be more electrical charging stations throughout the world, as Microbuses are the kind of vehicle people tend to take long-distance trips in. Wouldn't do to run out of juice in the middle of a Nevada desert. Still, we love the look of it, how it will be zero-emission, and we're also keen to see what you can do to modify the interior. Roll on 2022.

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