11 August 2017

NEWS: This house was 3D printed in 24 hours

Pretty cheap, too.

Think if 3D printing and you might think of the small plastic novelties that we made when reviewing a Dremel printer. However, thanks to a start-up company in Russia, your next house might be 3D printed, and cost you a lot less than a bricks and mortar building.

The above single-story building, with 400 square feet of space, was created in just one day by Apis Cor, a company that makes huge printers that use concrete, not plastic. The printer is dropped off, filled with concrete, and starts printing, following the digital plans like any conventional 3D printer. 24 hours later, you get a house.

Once printed, you simply install the windows, doors, floors, fittings and everything else you need to make it a liveable space. But, because the printer does everything else, including interior and support walls, you could make your house whatever shape you like. And, as it is so quick and uses relatively cheap materials, the house in the picture would cost just $10,000. Nice.

So although it might revolutionise the building trade, we have but one question: when are we sending the printer to Mars? It could go up there, print a bunch of buildings, then the astronauts would have somewhere to live straight away. Makes sense to us.

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