23 August 2017

NEWS: Build your own Nerf Bomb

Foam in the hole!

We've had our fair share of Nerf battles here at Test Pit Towers, after reviewing many different kinds of blasters. However, our shootouts are often pretty fairly balanced, with those with the best aim winning the day. But, what if we told you your Nerf battles could take a different turn with the use of stategically placed Nerf Bombs? And we have Giaco Whatever to thank.

The tinkerer and tech-modder wanted to build his own Nerf explosive to add a new dimension of warfare to his battles. And so he built a CO2-powered unit that shoots Nerf darts in several directions at once. Behold the build and use video:

It actually looks quite simple to build (if you're good at that kind of thing already) and it is certainly effective. It kinda begs the question: why haven't Hasbro built something like this already for the Nerf line of toys?

But, Christ, we want to make one. Having said that, were we to introduce one of these to our regular shoot-outs, we're pretty sure we'd never get any work done. And would all possibly be blinded.

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