25 August 2017

COMMENT: Increasing the Speed of a Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner

Are you concerned about your Mac’s speed and have started to notice that it is a bit slower than usual? Perhaps the situation is dire – and you are experiencing a lot of delays, apps crashing, or system freezes?

It may surprise you to know but it is actually possible to speed up a Mac in a number of different ways. Some of the methods may be appear quite complicated, but Movavi Mac Cleaner can help simplify it:

  • Delete unnecessary files from your hard drive
Odds are you have quite a lot of unnecessary files on your hard drive, such as duplicate files, logs, caches, and so on – and if there’s insufficient free space it could be causing your Mac to slow down. Rather than trying to track these files down manually, you can just launch Movavi Mac Cleaner and let it scan your Mac to locate them then remove them all with a single click.

  • Remove unused apps
At the same time you may also want to free up space and speed up your Mac by removing any apps that you aren’t using. Once again Movavi Mac Cleaner can help, with its ‘Uninstaller’ feature that will allow you to quickly delete any apps.

  • Disable unwanted startup items
When your Mac boots up it launches certain apps listed as ‘startup items’ – and they then continue to run in the background and take up system resources. Because of that you should disable any startup items that you don’t need and you can either do so in your Mac’s ‘System Preferences’ or by simply using Movavi Mac Cleaner’s ‘Startup Optimization’ feature.

  • Clear your desktop and dock
Ideally you should keep both your desktop and dock as clear as possible. For your desktop you can move any files to other folders, whereas for your dock you can keep the number of icons located there to a minimum.

  • Update OS X
Every new version of OS X has built-in performance improvements alongside bug fixes and tweaks that can help boost your Mac’s speed too. Be sure to check that your OS X is up to date – and update it if not.

Following the steps listed above should be easy, especially as Movavi Mac Cleaner will simplify most of the more difficult aspects of it. Odds are by the time you’re done you’ll notice an improvement in your Mac’s speed and performance.

All in all Movavi Mac Cleaner is a great tool to help keep your Mac running optimally. With its help you can ensure that junk files never get the chance to pile up and affect your Mac’s performance, and you can also optimise it in other ways too.

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