11 July 2017

NEWS: We're sure this fake LEGO Star Wars set would actually sell

Ben! No!

After 18 years we're pretty sure LEGO has recreated every single scene from all of the Star Wars movies and TV shows. We reported recently on an exclusive mini set of the Death Star's Detention Block, which ticked probably the final one off the list. But what about the part in A New Hope when Obi-Wan Kenobi 'dies'? Well, if this set was real, you'd be able to own it.

Created by Redditor despot1 the Photoshoped image shows a LEGO set box which captures the moment dear Ben Kenobi passes into The Force. With only two parts, we're pretty sure LEGO could bring it to fans for a reasonable price, although you might have to apply to buy it, as with the Detention Block set. But hey, chances are you already own those two pieces, to recreate the scene yourself on the cheap.

Then again, if it was real, we're sure LEGO would whack at least a £7.99 price tag on it. Do they not have enough money yet?

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