7 July 2017

NEWS: This tiny Game Boy emulator fits on your keys

Game on!

Built by Vincent Buso, this teeny tiny Game Boy Advance SP scale replica actually works. Called the Keymu, it runs from an Intel Edison chip and acts not only as a Game Boy emulator, but also as a NES and SNES machine, too. Check out Vincent's video in which he demonstrates how well it works, and how sharp that small screen is.

This is pretty awesome, especially as it can contain a huge hoard of games. What once might have taken up an entire shelf of game cartridges (not to mention your actual console and/or TV) can now hang off your keys. Sweet. Obviously you can't buy the Keymu, but Vincent does have plans to release the build instructions on hackaday, so check back if you fancy having a go yourself. if you do, send it to us to test, won't ya?

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