2 July 2017

NEWS: Sony to make vinyl again

Play it again.

Despite ceasing production of vinyl records in 1989, the Tokyo-based tech and music giant Sony is to recommence production next year. Vinyl has seen an increase in popularity of late, with many small record labels releasing their artist's albums on vinyl as special editions and novelties, but the fact that Sony has committed to doing so is a pretty big deal.

Bear in mind that Sony has some very big names on their books, such as the back catalogue of Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, and Frank Sinatra, and we could all expect some popular re-releases. But because it also puts out the content by the likes of Adele and Beyonce, does this mean that current artists' work will also be released on vinyl, alongside CD and digital download?

It also begs the question about how Sony will 'update' vinyl. Will they use any new techniques and material in the making of the records, or are they simply dusting off the machines they switched off 28 years ago? Either way, we'll find out in March of 2018 when Sony will begin production once more. Stay tuned.

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