29 July 2017

NEWS: Prizm knows what music you like

Play it again, Prizm.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a song that you like come on with a simple touch of one button? Prizm makes that possible, as it is a smart internet music device that learns what kind of songs and tracks you like. It then only ever provides you with those tracks, or something similar that you might like. As well as that, it'll play songs that your friends like while they're in your house. Because it is magic, apparently.

Well, not so much magic as very clever. Prizm can detect what smartphones are within range and, if the owner allows it to, find playlists and favourite songs stored in their Spotify or Apple Music accounts. That way, you'll never have to actually manually select a song if you don't want, as Prizm already has a good idea of what you'd like to hear.

It also knows what time of day it is, and will therefore play something filled with energy if you've got people 'round on a Saturday night, while laying down some chilled out tunes the morning after. Obviously, you can still use the accompanying app to choose a specific song, but the fact that it just knows what you like is pretty awesome.

Prism is around £130 and available from www.meetprizm.com

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