5 July 2017

NEWS: New Moto Mods include a 360 camera


Late last year we reviewed the Motorola Moto Z Play; a very good Android phone onto which different kinds of 'Mods' can be attached, to carry our various tasks. We really liked it, especially the projector and zoom camera Mods, but felt the current choice of additional gadgets to add to the phone was somewhat... blah. Well, following a press event in Ghana, of all places, Lenovo (who own Motorola phones) are funking up the latest Mods.

First of all, its actually pretty refreshing to hear that Lenovo are continuing with this line at all, as we do genuinely think it is an innovative and useful gimmick. Also, the new Mods far more exciting than the first batch, most notably featuring a 360 degree camera which, as usual, would attach directly to the phone (allowing you to create photos and videos similar to what we made on this).  Also announced was a DSLR camera Mod, which seems to use the Moto Z Play's actual camera, and also an Action Camera Mod, but we're not sure how that will work - perhaps it is detachable?

There was also Direct TV Mod which would allow you to watch satellite and cable TV right there on your phone, and also two Marshall branded Mods; one being a speaker and one possessing a microphone. We loved the phone itself, so the chance to expand usability into more fun fields sounds great to us. No news on release dates or prices, so stay tuned.

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