24 June 2017

REVIEW: Aldi Movie Favourites Specialbuy Range


Aldi: food, beverages, and the occasional dirt-cheap ranges of clothes and stuff. That is what you might think of the supermarket, but prepare for your impressions to be changed as Aldi release their latest Specialbuy range on Sunday 25th June, 2017. If you've specifically been on the look out for a pair of Minions-themed headphones, or indeed some Paw Patrol trainers, search no more, as Aldi have stepped up. We check out their new Movie Favourites Specialbuy Range.

Movie favourites? What Aldo mean by that is, instead of creating a varied mix of angling, camping, cycling, or skiing equipment as they usually do with their special bargain hordes, they've gathered a bunch of cool stuff for kids, all licensed from various popular shows and movies. There is a heavy influence of the Minions in this lot, and that is no coincidence, what with the release of Despicable Me 3 in cinemas.

But as well as the range's kit being adorned with those cheeky yellow chaps, you'll also find products branded with Frozen, Star Wars, Cars, Disney Princesses, My Little Pony, Spiderman, Trolls, The Avengers, and Finding Dory. From sunglasses to tents, the range is pretty extensive, and there is bound to be something of interest for your wee one this summer. Highlights that caught our eyes were the Minions Inflatable Hopper (£3.99), Princess Children's Backpack (£4.99), and the Cars Remote Control Vehicles (£12.99).

Check out the full range, in stores from 25th June 2017, right here: www.aldi.co.uk

As ever, those stalwart dudes at Aldi were kind enough to send us a couple of items from the range, with both coming from the Minions section. We gladly received...

Despicable Me Headphones

If you have kids, you'll probably know by now that entire hours can be yours, free of children, if you let them watch Netflix on your phone or tablet. To that end, get them their own pair of headphones and you'll enjoy hours of silence, too. These Minion-themed cans are designed for smaller heads and feature a wired 3.5mm connection (so no messing about with Bluetooth for the kids), and a folding design, both to keep them safe in storage, and to make them easier to pack to take with you. Bloody useful for a flight, as well. And look - they got Minions on 'em!


Despicable Me 3 Trainers

What more could kids ask for on their feet? These blue and yellow (appropriately) coloured trainers feature Minions on the outside edge, and DM3 lettering on the Velcro straps. According to our four year old tester (who also doubles as occasional spell-checker) they are comfortable, flexible, and also seem to be hard-wearing. Well, we assume he meant to say that, as he actually squealed, shouted 'Minlions!' and ran off. Still, as parents we think they're pretty good, and also a frikkin' steal.


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