10 June 2017

NEWS: La Metric takes notifications away from your phone

At last, you can look up.

Getting notifications on your phone is how a lot of people interact with the world, get reminders, and keep up to date with 'woz hap'ning'. However, all that info is being delivered to a small screen that may or not be in your pocket, so the La Metric brings those notifications into the real world.

The portable device features a unique pixel screen which can display pretty much anything, including colour logos of all the apps you use. Paired with your phone, it will display emails, texts, calls, tweets, Facebook notifications, and whatever helpful recipes you can configure from IFTTT. Oh, and it's a clock, too.

La Metric has actually been out now for a couple of years, but recently it also added Amazon Alexa support, allowing you to use your voice to control the notifications and other things around your home.

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