9 June 2017

NEWS: Johnny 5 is alive (in LEGO)

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If you're a kid of the 80s the film Short Circuit probably played an important part in your childhood. As did LEGO, we're assuming. Well, if you back a new project posted to the LEGO Ideas website, those two staples of your youth will be joined together for all eternity, with the Johnny 5 LEGO set.

Designed by LEGO builder Jarda Svoboda, the Johnny 5 model is a pretty excellent reproduction of the military robot turned caring, self-aware sweetie, and at a very reasonable scale at just 30 cm tall. The arms and head all move, and it actually rolls on those tracks.

At time of writing the project was gaining support, and had already been awarded the year extension from LEGO to gain more. We really like the look of this thing, and would love to have a little Johnny 5 sitting on our desks. And of course, if you drop it and it breaks... "Reassemble, Stephanie!"

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