23 June 2017

NEWS: DIY manned drone is super danger-fun

Glory before safety!

Drones are everywhere, especially now that it is becoming easier to build your own. However, one guy decided to build his own multi-rotor that was big enough to carry him, and then, sorta, neglected to give two shits about his own personal safety. Created by YouTube channel AmazingDIYProjects, the vehicle is just A LOT of rotors spinning around a single pilot's seat. No guards, no nets, no helmet, safety mask, or protective clothing. Behold:

As well as the first flight at the start of the video, skip to about 15:00 for more, and then some POV footage around 22:00. Obviously, this is an incredible achievement, but we thought these guys were acting recklessly with their home-made hoverbike - this guy seems to take danger to a whole new level. Christ, image if he hit a tree and one of those circular blade arrays folded over onto his head!

Still, every new industry needs it's pioneers, and even though one day soon we might hear about this guys tragic death, he shall forever be remembered as a hero. We salute you, you crazy bastard.

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