8 June 2017

NEWS: Dad builds daughter her own Star Wars Snowspeeder

She'd win the Battle of Hoth

What makes a great parent? Being loving and gentle? Caring and thoughtful? Patient and compassionate? Nope. You're only a great parent if you build your kids their own Star Wars vehicles out of cardboard, which is just what one guy did for his daughter.

Redditor PoorKidstoys was charged with making a cardboard car for his daughter, so she could attend a last-day-of-school movie drive-in. However, instead of sticking wheels to a cardboard box, he created a fantastically detailed replica of a Rebel Snowspeeder from Empire Strikes Back. And now we want him to adapt us.

You can check out his build photos here, but it is worth knowing that he did a similar thing for his son a few years before, building him his own cardboard X-Wing. Jesus, seriously, can we move in? So, parents; be amazing and do the same for your kids (this message goes out exclusively to our own parents!).

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