16 June 2017

NEWS: Carry your suit crease-free

Suits you.

If you've ever had to travel for business you'll know the sheer pain in having to either pack, or travel in, your suit. Folding a suit jacket and trousers into a case means you'll arrive at your destination with a creased and wrinkled garment, while wearing it during the flight, train journey, or car ride means you'll be uncomfortable. So what to do? Well, the PLIQO solves the issue.

Currently seeking backers on Indiegogo, the PLIQO Bag is an innovative suit carrier which folds up to the same size as a laptop case, but ensures that your suit stays smooth and crisp. To do this the PLIQO uses some very clever design, including folding and collapsible coat hangers, as well as offering additional pockets for all your bits and bobs. You can either attach it your suitcase, or carry it as a bag itself. Check this out:

If you're a business type who is forever dashing off to attend that all important meeting, this could be a life-saver. Back the project at www.indiegogo.com

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