7 May 2017

REVIEW: grüum personalised shaving kits

Looking sharp, bro.

You might have dabbled with monthly subscription kits in the past, be they stocked with healthy snacks, freshly roasted coffee beans, or geeky collectable goodness. However, tastes and styles change, meaning you might soon be cancelling your subscription wondering what the hell you were thinking. But, one thing that'll never change is the hair that grows on your face, so check out our review of the grüum personalised shaving kits.

The idea behind grüum is to provide chaps with a monthly pack of everything they need to keep their faces looking lovely, personalised to the individual chap. When you first sign up for the service you fill out a short survey to let them know what kind of face you have (clean-shaven, bearded, stubbly etc.) and how often you tend to it. They then recommend a kit based on what you need, and you can add or subtract products to make it fully bespoke. Then it drops through you letter box each month.

The key thing here is that it is not only personal, but could also be cheaper - especially if you wet shave and get through a lot of blades. Once you have the grüum osku razor handle, you can order four replacement blades to be delivered to you for only £6 a month with free p&p. So even if you have no interest in the oils and moisturisers they also offer, this is great way to get a cheap shave.

But... the kit we were sent to try was a bit more full on. In it we found the aforementioned osku razor (with four blades), a daily exfoliating face wash, a beard wash, facial tonic in a spray bottle, a daily moisturiser, shave gel, beard wax, and also a very pungent beard oil. All this came in zip-lock pouch to keep it all safe and dry in the bathroom.

The osku razor is sleek, minimal, and easy to grip, and grüum sent a pair of both their three-bladed heads and five-bladed heads. Changing blades is easy thanks to the press of a button, and we found it to be sharp and precise (for those of us who are into that clean-shaving thing).The accompanying shave gel smells great and foamed up nicely, resulting a pleasurable experience overall.

If you prefer to display your manliness with a Brian Blessed beard, you're well covered here, too. The beard wash was nice and smelled of citrus, while the beard wax was thick, mouldable, and smelled like mint. The beard oil is a strong-smelling thing, but once on it produced a glossy sheen to our man-manes, and those of us who had never tried oil before were very impressed by the results.

The rest of the products, like the tonic and moisturiser, were also well met and seemed to work for both clean-shaven and bearded guys. If we were to assemble our own monthly kits, most of us would shoot for the daily exfoliating face wash (called kori - no caps at grüum), the beard wash (bard), and the oil (leif), but that is because most of us have beards. Grrr! However, as stated above, the blade replacement surface for the osku is pretty remarkable, and could result in huge savings for your shavings.

grüum also offer one-off gift sets, which seems like a great way of trying a few of the products, and to get the razor handle if you're considering the blade subscription. Either way, these are excellent male grooming products shipped in a speedy and effective way. Check 'em out.

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