22 May 2017

NEWS: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaked

Take note.

Although its been just a few months since the global F-up that was the exploding Note 7, Samsung are back in the phablet game with the upcoming Note 8. Despite its predecessor's short-comings, there seems to be renewed hope for the Note 8, and these leaked images, revealed by China's Weibo, seem to show the general shape of the phone, produced in a rough 3D-printed model.

What the images show is that the Note 8 will have something of an infinity display, seemingly pushing the screen even closer to the edge of the handset than the Galaxy S8 manages. It also details dual cameras arranged vertically (when holding the phone in portrait mode), and no sign of a visible home button/finger print scanner. This has led many to speculate that Samsung have cracked the 'in screen' scanner, which has been theorised for some time now.

That edge-to-edge screen won't be small, either, and is believed to be up to 6.3 inches in size. That's a big bloody phone, and the biggest in the Note range so far. However, as it lacks any kind of bezel around that huge screen, it might feel similar in size to the older models in the hand. Still, all of this is speculation and we'll have to wait until at least August when Samsung are expected to release the Note 8.

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