2 May 2017

NEWS: Reebok's Alien Stomper shoes

Get away from those shoes, you bitch!

As renewed interest in the Alien franchise reaches fever-pitch with the imminent release of Alien: Covenant, the merchandise train is rolling once more. We've already reported on a highly detailed (and expensive) model of the Colonial Marines APC, and now it seems shoemaker Reebok are cashing in on their association with Aliens with the Alien Stomper 'Final Battle' pack.

The pack, set for release in July, features two pairs of shoes: one styled after Ripley's power loader, complete with yellow and black stripes (like our logo), and another paying homage to the Alien Queen herself in black and green. Both pairs are modelled after the famous 'Alien Stomper' boots, branded by Reebok, that Sigourney Weaver's character wore in the 1986 sci-fi hit (which were also released - infamously only in male sizes - last year).

It is interesting to see a double pack of shoes, and due to (what we assume will be) limited release numbers, we can't imagine many people actually ever wearing them. However, if you put a power loader boot on one foot, and an alien queen shoe on the other, you could recreate the film's iconic fight right there on your feet. We'd pay to see that shit.

Keep up to date about the shoes' release at www.reebok.co.uk

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