17 May 2017

NEWS: More details about Elon Musk's Boring Company


Elon Musk's latest venture, The Boring Company, which aims to create a network of subterranean tunnels to alleviate travel on the surface, has released more details about how it might work. The new website, www.boringcompany.com, now features an FAQ section, which doesn't quite answer all the insane questions you might have.

What was previously known was that Musk intends to dig tunnels under the ground, and then have cars travel along them on high-speed sleds. You drive onto one of these sleds on the surface, and then are lowered down into the tunnels. Pods could also be made available for pedestrians and operate like a regular bus service perhaps.

The site's FAQs states that the real stumbling block with digging tunnels is the price. Currently, so The Boring Company says, digging usable tunnels can cost as much as $1 Billion per mile, but they hope to reduce that to $100 million per mile, making the scheme easier to achieve. The tunnels will also be smaller than conventional road traffic tunnels at just 14 feet wide, which would make more sense if they do indeed utilise a rail-based sled system.

This is all very interesting stuff and further confirms out suspicions that Elon Musk will one day save humanity.

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