10 May 2017

NEWS: Giant LEGO plane makes your childhood dreams a reality

Physics be damned.

The RC plane in the image above (and video below) is not actually made from LEGO. Instead, it is an exact scale replica of a real LEGO set from the 1980s, one that was hugely popular. In was built by Adam Woodworth, a tinker of some great talent whose flying inventions we've featured before, but the LEGO plane caught the attention of the Flite Test guys at their recent Flite Fest West event. Check it out:

Despite the blocky shape and the total lack of aerodynamics, the bloody thing flew, and flew well. It is actually a stunning thing to see, as everything you've been taught about what shape a wing should be goes out of the window here, and instead the will of an enthusiastic group of people seems to keep it aloft.

The video is also extra special if you ever owned that particular LEGO set and spent hours whooshing it around your bedroom. See, dreams can come true.

Check out more awesome flying things on the Flite Test channel: www.youtube.com

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