24 May 2017

NEWS: EU clamping down on hate videos

Arseholes be warned.

Plans by European ministers are now set to begin clamping down on hateful and offensive video content posted online. If the proposal goes ahead, it could see the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social sharing sites heavily fined for not removing hate-inciting and dangerous video content.

The plan is to impose a single set of rules over the EU governing how content such as this is dealt with. Once in place, it could see websites fined millions of pounds for not removing certain types of content within a set time frame. These rules are expected to specifically target racial and religious hate speech and child sexual exploitation.

It is not certain yet how these videos will be identified as dangerous, but we can assume there will be a certain degree of user reporting involved. Although such actions can be carried out presently, such as reporting something indecent on Facebook, it now seems the website in question will have to do something about it, or face a hefty fine. This news comes just days after the leaked Facebook manifesto on how they deal with sensitive content and posts, which highlighted just how much users of the site can get away with.

Find out more about the plans in this press release from the European Commission.

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